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Swimming in Hawaii

Open Ocean Swimming in Hawaii:

Swimming out to the Kaimana windosck and back in preparation for some of the North Shore swim series has given me a new found respect for Open Ocean Swimming in Hawaii. I am happy to go out and test my own strengths and even though I am happy to go surfing for hours on end ocean swimming is not even close to the same thing. For one thing, when the tide is going out and you are standing still against the current, you do not even realize it until you lift your head to site where you are. 

How does this relate to Real Estate? Every section of this island encourages you into a healthy active lifestyle. When you can be at your favorite surf break, swim area, road climb, trail run etc in 15 minutes from most places near town you quickly see the benefit to living on a small island. None of this loading everything up in a car and driving for hours to reach the best play areas, many are right next to downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. It is easy to see how to live on a bike and only use your car for days you have to be "dressed up" which is of course barely business casual in the rest of the country. 

Living in Hawaii supports your lifestyle, it is a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for!!!!!!