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Open Houses are good but....

Tired of Open Houses and showings that you spend hours cleaning for and then the buyers are not interested. Get more interested buyers, faster, with less effort, by listing with me and using Video. There is no reason to have people tromp through your house all the time, use Video and let them surf on your sanity!

My typical video listing gets 200-500 views a month through the many internet channels I use. When was the last time you had an open house that had 100 people coming through it? With internet tracking, I can tell you how many people saw the video, where they are from, if they watched all of it, and even track where the interest comes from the most. Each video normally has a global reach, it is not unusual for my videos to go beyond Hawaii and reach Japan, the US mainland, England, Korea, Russia, China and beyond. With the internet your home is truly a global commodity ready to be introduced to the world. 

After people have seen the video they know what to expect when they arrive, they are engaged and are much better educated and can get right to looking closely at the features that matter to them instead of learning the basic layout of the house. This results in more qualified buyers coming to your home. 

Save time, Protect your home, get a huge viewing audience-Video, after all it is the 21st Century!