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Attention Honolulu-Sell Now

I just sent this out to a listing request and I thought it was good for everyone to see: 
Now is a great time to sell your condo, possibly the best for the next couple years, here is why I think that:
1) There is not a lot of inventory and that is supporting prices, this gives you the best chance of getting near asking for your unit. 
2) Money is still cheap, this is only going to last until around March or April because of the feds mortgage back security purchases. Unless something changes, interest rates are going to go up because of private sector pressure to make more return on their money. 
3) First time home buyer credit expires in late April. This does not look as though it will be extended at this time, so first time home buyers are going to stay very active for the next few months. 
4) Honolulu remains one of the most stable housing markets in the country, our prices have not deteriorated much, and that is showing people that Hawaii is one of the best investments in the US. 
5) As military, if you are potentially going to lose money on your condo, the Feds have a program to assist you if your reason for selling meets their requirements.