Kakaako Means CONDOS...

...And lots of them. Falling next to Ala Moana beach park and nestled between downtown and Waikiki, Kakaako is the newest hip place to be. New restaurants, new night life, new gyms, new bars, you name it, Kakaako has it. And with its promise of livable streets full of bikes and pedestrians and a couple stops on the new rail line, this is going to be THE place to live for the next 20 years. 

So many buidlings are going up right now that it is hard to stay on top of them all.
Look to TheOahuAgents as your guide and this page and our blog as the place to learn about each one as it goes on sale and rises from the aina. 

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$600k and under
$600k - $1MM
$1MM - $1.5MM
$1.5MM - $2.5MM
$2.5MM and up

The Old Guard of Luxury - These towers represent the first wave of modernism in Kakaako. Most built around 10 years ago and offer full amenity decks and ocean front living in a few. These are the ones that will forever be in some of the most desirable locations.

Ocean Front buildings
Nauru Tower
1350 Ala Moana Blvd.
One Waterfront Towers

Set back at least a block
909 Kapiolani
Hawaiiki Tower
Moana Pacific
One Archer Lane
Royal Capital Plaza
Imperial Plaza
Keola Lai

Pre sale, still being built, or just ready for move in
Gateway Towers
400 Keawe
Keauhou place
The Collection
Ke Kilohana

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