Congratulations!!! You Want to Buy a Home......

Your decision to purchase your first home is one that will reward you for years to come. I still remember the excitement and apprehension in purchasing my first Hawaii home. Even after multiple walkthroughs I was not sure what I was looking for in a home, how to assess my needs versus my wants, and most of all figuring out what I could afford near where I wanted to live. Fortunately, I had a great Realtor that walked me through the steps and asked me the right questions. In doing so they helped me tease out what I needed in a home and identified what were the most important factors to me. Once we had those decisions made, we set the price level I could afford and began looking at places. I have learned volumes since that first buying experience and I love to work with new home buyers and help guide them through the process. Helping people find their first home is a passion of mine! Let me help you make the move to home ownership today!  

Buying your first home anywhere is not easy, but in Hawaii it is especially difficult. The barrier to entry is fairly high from an economic point of view and also from a choice perspective. Do you like living in town near the restaurants? Do you like living near where you do sports? Or is being close to family the most prevalent choice for location?

Questions you need answers to:

Do I qualify for first time home buyer discounts?
Who is Hula Mae? and Fannie Mae?
Why does my income versus median income matter?
Should I get a 15, 20 or 30 year mortgage?
What is the difference in leasehold and fee simple?
What are title insurance, escrow, and closing costs?
What is my debt to income ratio?
These are all questions that we can help you get answers to as we look at your ability to purchase a home and pay for it comfortably. 

We work closely with loan officers, escrow agents, and title companies to make sure you enter the home buying market as educated as possible. We want your experience to be a wonderful start to owning your piece of our little island paradise here!  


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